Who we are

In 1947 the National Service Act was introduced that required all healthy males aged 18 or over to serve 18 months/2 years in the British armed forces. 

In all, between 1947 and 1963, some 2.3 million young men were conscripted at the rate of 6,000 every fortnight. Making this the largest peacetime conscripted army in history. Some of these young men, most of whom are now in their late seventies and eighties, created the National Service Veterans Alliance in 1997/8 with the joint aims of lobbying for memorials to commemorate our service and our dead: to assist those former National Servicemen who are disadvantaged because of their service: and to create publicity and official recognition of our service to our country. Some of these objectives have been achieved but the NSVA continues to campaign for a medal in recognition of the sacrifice of many lives, for maintaining peace during the threat of Soviet invasion, and for all the acts of bravery, kindness and selflessness over sixteen years throughout the area of British influence

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