Reinforcing our Commitment

We are the very last of the British conscripted military forces. From 1963 onwards every member of the British armed forces was a volunteer or “Regular”. So British military conscription ends with us, and we have a duty to ensure that our service should not be forgotten and relegated to a footnote in Britain's long and illustrious military history.

We all played a small part in keeping Great Britain safe from Soviet invasion, in policing most of the so called “small wars” in many far flung exotic places including Malaya, Korea, Kenya, and not forgetting the disastrous Christmas Island nuclear A-Bomb testing that has cost so many lives. Closer to home, many National Servicemen served in Palestine, Cyprus, Aden and Germany. Those in West Germany constantly faced the prospect of Soviet threats and incursions that threatened the potential of WW3 on an almost daily basis.


Most of us did not serve in war zones, but many gave their lives on the battlefields of Korea and other foreign fields, so “Lest we forget”, also applies to former National Servicemen as well as all those other brave conscripted young men who went before us.

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